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An Outpouring of Loving Support


Words of gratitude from Charlie Kouns on his IncitED campaign blog

Over the past few hours since the launch of our campaign, as people have chosen to share our campaign with others, we have seen some wonderful statements written telling others about what we do. These are coming from people who have been in touch with our work in some way and have chosen to make an offering to their friends and networks. These are all unsolicited comments!

"This project is important because it makes a strong statement to the collective of humanity that is it time to listen to what the children have to say about their education. I believe that this project has the potential to create a bridge for the public systems by generating conversation that may inspire policy makers to move away from the current "factory" schooling."  Sue, teacher and mother

"(Imagining Learning) has launched a project that could transform education. As a former teacher, I have often voiced my concern for the state of education in our country, and am so excited by the potential of Imagining Learning to make a profound difference for the future of our children and our culture." Bob, former teacher 

"What an AMAZING job Charles Kouns and David Loitz are doing with Imagining Learning to capture the honest and authentic voices of students all over the country. These listening sessions allow students to share their ideas and vision of what learning should look like.” Okaikor, teacher, mother

"I authentically believe Imagining Learning has an opportunity to change the future of education. Please contribute if you can and want to get student voices in the conversation about education." Cameron, university professor, father

We would add two other statements that were written about us recently:

"By traveling the country to listen to young people about what they imagine education could be, Charles and Stella, along with David Loitz, are conducting invaluable research – and to their credit, they are thoughtful and deliberate about how they gather their research…They are staying true to a fundamental tenet of design – start with empathy and a genuine desire to understand those for whom you are designing. Seek first to understand and then to be understood." Bo, former principal, father, education thought leader

Bo even created this video without our knowledge to share his experience with the Listening Sessions. Click here.

"Most adults are simply not doing enough, except for perhaps Charlie Kouns and David Loitz—the visionaries at Imagining Learning. Around the United States, Kouns, Loitz, and their team have been hosting listening sessions, inviting young people to share their revelations and insights on education. After these listening sessions, Kouns and Loitz analyze and try to make sense of what they have learned by connecting the voices of young people around the nation. Now students are even calling up Imagining Learning to hold sessions in their own communities.” Nikhil Goyal, age 17, author, student voice advocate, from an article he wrote in Good Magazine

We are moved by these responses and thank everyone for sharing. Perhaps you see something in here you might share in your networks. Perhaps there is something here that helps you see why this effort is so important to support. Please let us know if you see other comments or quotes that would help us move our story forward.

Visit Imagining Learning’s IncitED campaign, share it with others, and give the gift of a Listening Session: